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Apparel Design

Apparel Design


Want some custom apparel, but don’t have a design to print on it?

We offer apparel design to help make your threads look all time coolness.
Many of our clients have a logo already but don't necessarily want it printed as is on clothing. Sometimes you need help laying it out or redesigning it so it looks good on clothes.
You may just want some sweet design printed on clothing but don’t want to commit to spending a heap of money on a logo design.

What we offer here is a design that is strictly for clothing where you have the option of buying the design outright for infinity uses later when you realise you love the design so much you want it on everything.

This is the perfect non committal design option for most.

How it works:
The cost includes 3 hours of design work where we offer 2 options for you to choose 1. This is based on the information and inspiration you have given us before we start. If you wish for more changes or the design takes longer than 3 hours, we communicate any additional charges before continuing and the remainder costs are paid before completion of artwork.

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