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So picture this:
Matt (our new employee) comes strutting into work with a little kick in his step 3 weeks ago and exclaims “I HAVE THE PERFECT VIDEO WE NEED TO MAKE FIRST UP FOR TB. HAVE YOU HEARD OF KOOL AND THE GANGS SONG ‘HOLLY WOOD SWINGIN?’”
He then plays it for me and speaks out the whole scene that he’s envisioned on the way to work.
Fast forward 3 weeks (where we did nothing to make it happen until filming 2 days ago) and here it is. This guy is a champion and an all round excellent videographer that’s still growing daily.
We now can do cool clips for your business or just for your life in general if you feel like spending your lunch money on that type of thing (which if you go off this vid as inspo I’m sure you’ll see it’s money well spent)
Anyways enjoy the clip!
Welcome to the team Matt ✌️